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2015-06-09 05:39:26 by helpimaddicted
Updated hey everybody...i thought id be more active and all...( i had even asked for a few recomendations) but something has come up and wont be as active anymore :/ i will work and put up the drawings when possible...sorry to those who took the time to recomend stuff.thanks



ALIVE and well.

2015-05-09 14:18:18 by helpimaddicted

hello everybody...yes im alive...and inactive,but alive.i have been drawing casual stuff (some other usual stuff) does anybody have any ideas on topics to draw?because ive just been drawing anime and more anime...until lately when i went for a different style.anyway,would love to hear from anyone.

elle out.peace.

hello all

2014-11-28 08:41:00 by helpimaddicted

hello newgrounders....not that anybody is actually gonna read this but here goes anyway...after a while,of observing this site I finally got over the problems and put up a in case you arereading this...i have put up a drawing and would love to hear from you...thats out..

p.s.i forgot to specify,but all of my drawings can be viewed on my thread named "helpimaddicted to art and my computer"...thanks :)


2014-10-03 11:48:15 by helpimaddicted

yeah so i thought id make an actual post or whatever.

hi people im a newbie here.....just here for the games and well viewing other peoples work.

i am interested in drawing and i usually draw manga stuff and fanart but i dont put it up or anything.

open to friend requests! 

thanks (did this become to formal? it did didnt it? )


2014-09-08 13:15:06 by helpimaddicted

umm...hi everybody,im new around here...

Anyway i was told to post about myself? so...i did...

dont know what to say