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Good perspective. I'd like to see how the finished picture looks.Also,great to see you back. I guess i am now motivated to be more active too :P
i guess you'll be giving a more uneven and grainy/rocky effect for the mountains later...so for now i cant say anything more.

Cool art.i like how uve sketched this.nice clean lines and good detailing.also nice expression on the cheetah.or is it a leopard?

SmaugTheTerrible responds:

Thanks) Yeah, it`s the cheetah.

wow.awesome colours and lighting.i like this rainbowey (looking high) bunny.

Shamfoo responds:

Thanks! Was really just derping around with this one. I don't usually do this sort of high contrast lighting though, so it was fun to experiment.

Yay.new art from u after so long....
u seem to have improved in realism.*thumbs up*
i love how u did her hair...very free flowing
also i like the shadow of her hair on her face...:)
i wouldn't know what u should work on cause i dont know how the reference pic looks like.anyway good job.

Labyrinthus responds:

Haha, yeah thanks! I'm getting past that disconnect I've had, it's now getting easier to draw where I'm not looking. I'm super happy with the hair too! I didn't know that you can smudge just highlights or darker colors in Ps until now... so much nicer.

Hey its pretty good.it kinda looks like graffiti because of all the colours and arrows.i like the small yellow guys.:) btw what's coming out of the coming out of the middle guys stomach?is that blood?

Look like a good idea...ur going for magical and action combat i see. :)
i liked the characters and their personalities...also i like the use of perspective.not sure about the dynamic pic of eve though...the weapon looks awesome but i cant make out whether she has twisted her body or something...i think i like chiyolans dynamic pose a lot...(also his power to control cards :D) kirioko seems like the naive princess...and i think we all no sylphie is the main character...
im curious to know where u plan to go with this....
also i like the characters' clothes...

Eggabeg responds:

Eve uses a sword / shield combo but with the benefit of chains, kinda like Kratos (GoW series), she's also known as the Crimson Tempest so there will be lots of spinning and twisting! Kiri's sat on her own hair, she's a fist fighter but her tribe has a "game" of only using limbs appropriate to enemy strength, starting with legs, then arms and finally the hair as the fifth "limb" .. shes kinda like a shrine maiden more than princess though! Clothes were mostly inspired by a Final Fantasy 14 art book I have!

Thanks for the review! :D

I love how uve drawn the doors and clocks.also great perspective.also like thee tint of yellow in her skin :)

ZekiDance responds:

Thank you!

Really nice.me is like ur anime style. :)
and a thumbs up for perspective.the only thing that i find odd is where u placed the ear.even in anime ears are supposed to start from the uppermost part of the eye to the nose (the reason why anime people have such big ears)
but all in all very cute :)also liked the pastel-ey colours used.

ShrapnelAnime responds:

Yeah you're right actually, I'm still not used to drawing the ear that much so > 3<''

Really nice! U got the clothes and his fur bang on. This must be the time before he lost one of his hands though im guessing...
hehe...who can resist the cool "I dont care a damn" attitude of sesshoumaru...
ah..memories *wipes a tear*
I think his eyes are a bit small...but I guess thats just me...

I like the crystals in the background...and the couple who seem to be a bride and a werewolf groom...(neko?) i also like the colours used and the position of the girls face (got that right :) )her expression...shades on the hair is really nice.oh and who can say no to ur night skies.
im not so sure about the stray clump of the girls har standing out though (i know its used ina anime and manga) but as per the position of her head...
just my opinion... All in all geat :D

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