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its a really cool game but i after i die it glitches and even after pressing the spacebar it doesnt take me to the last saved match

really like the game and the graphics and everything.but i lost all my progress...ALL of it.because the game crashed :'( waah. so the four and a half stars.the game crashed twice too.

not exactly a game.....you cant call it that but it did moisten my eyes so hats off to you for that....love the way that each character has a different story.....i wish i could learn every bodies story but i have already played it twice and cant get addicted to yet another thing ......

i didnt entirely understand what to do....i kept aimelessly catching fireflies and activating the runestones...but it was so vast that in no time i had no idea what i was doing.....i loved the ur pixely-way of making games though....any help as to what i actually had to do instead of making sly jump around?

Kajenx responds:

Light up all the runestones is it, basically, haha. Most people who like the game are completionists who try to find all the mushrooms.

just.......mind blowing awesome....
really liked the idea behind the game....i have always loved the concept of the dream world and this game just made me happy.....:)
waiitting for the next one!!!! :') hope u get time to work on it fast!

im stuck after the part where i denied the sword :( hes right.....i regret it...a sword would be cool....
but the game is awesome....im sooo confused right now...one guy who treats me like shit but helps me and another that may have just cursed me into this fate ....

really nice.....awesome graphics! nice story line

i loved the part where the music starts and then abruptly stops....so perfect :) for the atmosphere in the game :P

liked the music.....love the fact that i dont have a budget :P

this was awesome.....couldnt stop playing once i started...if u check i had written a review for the second one....yeah same day....but ur driving me crazy along with rick....When is the fith one coming out!!!

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