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this made me smile!! i liked the diclaimer at the end....cant believe u actually wrote stuff in it that made sense :)

themisterholliday responds:

If you think that made sense you just might be crazy...

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its a really cool game but i after i die it glitches and even after pressing the spacebar it doesnt take me to the last saved match

really like the game and the graphics and everything.but i lost all my progress...ALL of it.because the game crashed :'( waah. so the four and a half stars.the game crashed twice too.

not exactly a game.....you cant call it that but it did moisten my eyes so hats off to you for that....love the way that each character has a different story.....i wish i could learn every bodies story but i have already played it twice and cant get addicted to yet another thing ......

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Good perspective. I'd like to see how the finished picture looks.Also,great to see you back. I guess i am now motivated to be more active too :P
i guess you'll be giving a more uneven and grainy/rocky effect for the mountains later...so for now i cant say anything more.

Cool art.i like how uve sketched this.nice clean lines and good detailing.also nice expression on the cheetah.or is it a leopard?

SmaugTheTerrible responds:

Thanks) Yeah, it`s the cheetah.

wow.awesome colours and lighting.i like this rainbowey (looking high) bunny.

Shamfoo responds:

Thanks! Was really just derping around with this one. I don't usually do this sort of high contrast lighting though, so it was fun to experiment.

Someone who wishes she could be more active but somehow always ends up busy. Open to suggestions (infact that would be great) ,pms,critique and likes making new friends. Will be more active in the future.Thanks for visiting my profile :)

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